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new & classic designs

Bring out the feeling of being comforted with fur, by getting hold of our classic set of animations.


From real-life to the imagination, most of our icons tend to display aspects like never before.


Regardless of the form, we have all the clip art that you need to think about the four-legged hero.


Images and visuals that seem to be real is the right form of definition that one could give for the kind of background that we make.

Celebrate life's simple moments with these awesome Cards

Moments that remain to be special are the ones that have a cute companion around. Hence, come and catch hold of some of these cards that help you go back through the street of nostalgia.

Send your love and thoughts with our Cards

Since we always have prints and content relatable to the little fellow, one can use our cards for all occasions, festivals and moods.

The only limit to where these can be inserted is your creativity! We’ve seen dog owners put these graphics on dog ID-tags, collars, harnesses and other cool things!


“I haven’t witnessed a better place with a more unique set of collection and gift items.”

Rita R. Stockton

Greeting Cards

5 Dog Greeting Cards and Gifts to send to Your Pup-Loving Friends

The best thing is to have pets; the superlative degree of best will be greeting your pup-loving friends. I have this friend who always does these cute little things to make everyone happy; I have acknowledged a few of the unique gifts and greeting cards; she often presents her pup loving friends. Few of them are mentions below.

Name band

The coolest way of surprising your pup-loving friends is by printing the name of their pet on a band. These bands can be pinned to the belts. It will be more fun when you make friends with the pet and get closer. It is one best way of keeping a good relationship with your friends through their pets. You can send them a Hello card with the pets name on it. Choose a good quality material of band; avoid the metal and hard ones, since they can damage the tender skin of the pups.

Hot Dog Treat

Gifting always need not have an occasion to celebrate. You can gift your loved ones whenever you want. Especially gifting the pup loving friends can be more fun-filled. You will have a lot of options to choose the right gift for your friend and his/her dog. For example, Hot dogs can be a great option; almost all the dogs’ love hotdogs. It is very delicious and comes invariant.

Favorite companion postcard

Post cards can be outdated, but it has its own celebrations. Gift cards are very pleasing and appealing in nature. Gifting your friend a postcard with a favorite companion will cherish their happiness and entice them with fun and glare. The postcard need not be very decorative, but it has to have a short message or a picture or any lines to make the person feel special.

Water bowls

The water bowls are one such very significant thing every pet lover needs. They will use it for sure. Water is an essential substance for living things, especially for active souls like dogs, horses, and so on. You can’t store the water in your house for your pets; instead, you can place a bowl and pour water when they are thirsty. This will help the pet learn discipline and also follow a scheduled lifestyle.

Pup biscuits

Biscuits are the tastiest and longing food item by the puppies. They love the flavors and the crunchiness of the biscuits, gifting your pup loving friends can literally help them save some money and give more love to their pet. You have a lot of varieties of dog biscuits out in the market. Make sure you choose the right ones according to the age of the pet to make them happy. You even have flavors of biscuits; go for less sugar but more protein biscuits.

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